Email notifications for build status

I would like to receive email notifications for the build status in a bitbucket server, just like the notifications for Pushes and Pull requests when opting to Watch a repository. The builds are done in an external server which correctly sets the build status in the bitbucket server. I know that the build server could be configured to send status emails, but lets suppose that for some reason we want the bitbucket server to be the one that sends the notifications. There is a suggestion for this to be implemented ( but who knows when and if this would be implemented.

Anyway, my question is: Is it possible to develop this functionality as a plugin with the current plugin API? I have no idea about bitbucket plugin development, so just wanted to know if it is at all possible before thinking of learning about it. If it is possible, is there some open source plugin that implements something similar that could be used as a starting point? Thanks in advance for any help!

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