Email Power-Up with Templates and Custom fields

Hey guys,

I would like to have an evaluation whether our idea of an Mail-Power-Up is feasible in Trello.

The Power-Up:

Would that be possible by writing a custom Trello Power-Up and if yes, what is the rough scale of the coding process? 1 to 10 days, or 10+ days?

Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can give me :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,

Eric Eichholzer

Hi Eric,

I’m a cofounder at SendBoard and was notified of your posting here.

If I understand you correctly, you can meet these requirements by using the Custom Fields Power-Up and the SendBoard Power-Up in combination.

  • SendBoard supports sending/receiving emails from directly within Trello.
  • Custom Fields can store values to be inserted into your emails.
  • SendBoard supports email templates (Saved Replies) with variable replacement. You can insert the value of a custom field into an email or a saved Reply.

You might have a specific reason why you need a custom Power-Up, but I thought I would weigh in here with my thoughts.

Happy emailing!
Mark Fowles