Emailing users who installed add-on

I installed an add-on and soon after received an email from that company asking how the add-on was going. How does one get access to the user’s email?

Hi @dpford

As a Marketplace Vendor, you will have access to “End-user data” provided by Atlassian when you publish your add-on to the Marketplace. See Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Agreement specifically section 8.4.

Atlassian will provide you with access to certain information provided to Atlassian by end users of your (a) Paid-via-Atlassian Add-ons and (b) Free Add-ons available through the Atlassian Marketplace, including end user name, company name (if any), physical or email addresses, and phone numbers (“Atlassian-Collected End User Data”).


Hi @dpford, given what @rwhitbeck posted above, then usually it’s very simple - if you distribute your app (add-on) via Atlassian Marketplace, and it has a pricing plan, then when a user installs it a license will be generated (the first one is an evaluation license). As the license is generated the customer details - billing contact and technical contact - are reported to the app vendor, also via Marketplace, in their license report.

Many app vendors pick these up regularly from the Marketplace API in order to trigger their evaluator email workflows.

Hope this helps, -nick


Thanks guys for the quick response

Quick side note: @dpford, if you’re an EU citizen, it might have been illegal for the company to contact you unless that add-on vendor had a custom EULA which you had to accept prior to installing the add-on. As per 25th of May 2018, it will be illegal for Atlassian or vendor to contact EU citizens unless Atlassian will be providing with more explicit consent options (not hidden away in the Marketplace Agreement or vendor EULA).

@nwade, I’m assuming Atlassian is aware of the GDPR and the implications it will have on this specific question.


It seems like there’s a large delay between when a user signs up and when the license shows up in the marketplace API. It’s typically multiple hours. Is there a way to get the contact info sooner?

It would be a lot more useful to engage with the customer right away.

The problem is they don’t respond. So it’s should be more efficient to build custom communication channel within your add-on. Somewhat like a feedback window or smth similar.

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@dpford there are planned enhancements to the sales API on Atlassian platform roadmap. From the Trello card it’s not clear what the exact scope of these enhancements is but it seem to include quicker updates.

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is this post still relevant? It seems like this policy is different now vs. 2017, correct? Guidelines for requesting access to email address