End of an JS embed support?

Hello, today I have found out that the JS embedding was unexpectedly ended today (i.e. “sharing the content from Trello”), e.g. <script src="https://trello.com/b/nC8QJJoZ.js"></script>

There are so few options of embedding (png was also turned off etc.), and I am curious, whether there’s any substitution, please :frowning:

The script JS for trello did extract the text from the name of cards and allow to embed the whole trello list as a text list… Now it is embedding itself as classic iframe share which is much less comfortable to use :frowning:

See the screenshot… in what now it results it in (before the output would be just text with link: “muži A muži A Srna Antonín 1991 (doma vs. Znojmo-Únanov E) - 22. úno 2020”, and now it is graphical like iframe :frowning: ).

Thanks for info, Tony.

We recently changed the way that we rendered the embeds to use our existing components. However, the change should not have impacted the functionality of the embeds. We now use custom elements to do the actual rendering, but that is the only change.

I think the iframe you’re seeing may be the result of using jsfiddle. If you check out this live example, you’ll see that the embed is not iframed: https://trello-board-embed-js.glitch.me/

Thanks for reply. The problem is, that I used the exact text elements - rendered by the js embed script - the text itself - to have stylized the way we want. And now we just cannot anyhow stylized it, we have to have the colours and the visual appearance like when using the trello in the website and we have much more difficulties with processing the rendered embed - because it behaves like iframed, not like let’s say “rss text feed” :frowning:

And what more - JS embed gave us the full boards set in one text format and anyone could edit it easily. This what it became to is only iframe-like graphic reproduction where to see the other boards one has to scroll to right :frowning: Is there any chance to put the old JS embed (text version of the input) back, please? Thanks, Tony.

Thanks for sharing your use-case. Unfortunately, we never intended for folks to rely on the DOM built by the embed as an API for accessing Trello data. Much the same way we don’t guarantee that Trello’s web client DOM will never change for those building browser extensions–breaking changes are inevitable.

For integrations that need raw Trello data (as it sounds like yours does) we continue to recommend using Trello’s REST API. We do our best to not introduce breaking changes and regularly update documentation when changes do occur.