Endless evaluations in Cloud

There is a problem of endless evaluations reported by several vendors in various places.
We faced the same issue, and after contacting Atlassian support, we were redirected to an “Improvement” (not a Bug :astonished:) that did not get much attention from Atlassian. We gave up on the money we lose.

However, it turns out that some customers/admins are irritated too because they cannot just subscribe and forget, and they chose to go away. e.g.:

“we have to keep reissuing the free trail, it doesn’t convert to a subscription! so we’re uninstalling – it was cool the first few times, but I rather pay than keep doing this admin work.”

We’ve been using your plugin for a long time, but only in trial mode. We actually want to pay for the license, but we never get past trial mode. For now we have to renew the trial license every 30 day.

Can we get some attention (and fix to the problem) from Atlassian?

I don’t know if all the problems reported are caused by the same bug in the licensing system, though.

Links with the problem reports I’ve been able to find quickly:



I’m also seeing issues with payment for customers coming from the new free Jira Cloud instances. I’m working with Atlassian now to resolve one - though I suspect the customer will drop off soon. Customer was seeing the Marketplace app get uninstalled within minutes of the original install.

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AMKT-12613 was a bug type but was was updated (issue-type/title) to be less punchy :smiley: , it’s a specific issue relating to license abuse (the re-eval nature possible through license cycling which goes against the documented “remained of month + billing period” (and that evals can’t be extended lol).

The thing about conversions from eval to active failing is something else, a bug for sure in its own right, we’ve see it a few times. The reason we can detect it sooner is because we lock out app access after ~65 days (enforcing what Atlassian state and should be enforcing but don’t), which drives the discovery that their license never went active, its a simple punt to Atlassian support to resolve.


Going through the our license export file, I could easily spot at least 10 suspect cases of this for our app, which is less than a year old in the marketplace.
Atlassian introduced all licensing rules, Atlassian provided the licensing module and Atlassian is running the licensing infrastructure.
I find it hard to believe there is a known licensing vulnarebility and it still not fixed after 5 years.

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