Endpoint not registered

A customer recently encountered an issue with the webhook migration notification url.

The customer reported that the app migration step is marked as SKIPPED in the migration details page

After a support ticket to Atlassian, they provided the following logs, and rejected the fault to us:

2024-05-22 16:28:29,355 pool-29136-thread-296 WARN      [jira.migration.listeners.AppListenerIssueService] com.playsql.requirementyogijira has an automated path but missing a server listener. This app will be ignored during app migration.

We currently use 2 ways of registering migration endpoints:
In Atlassian Connect descriptor

// connect.json
// ...
  "cloudAppMigration": {
    "migrationWebhookPath": "/rest/admin/migrations/atlassian/notification"
// ...

and as a PUT request to the <hosturl>/rest/atlassian-connect/1/migration/webhook endpoint.
We also provide a way to notify that an endpoint is registered via the GET to the above url, and the customer reports that the migration endpoint url is registered.

We haven’t changed the migration related code in multiple months and successfully performed many migrations for other customers with no issue.

Has anyone run in a similar issue, or has any insights in the situation?

The log warning explains why the app migration was SKIPPED it is not related to the registration of webhooks.

By server listener we mean this Prepare your server app | App migration platform (you might also refer to this as your migration module) and we couldn’t find it when the migration started.

Assuming your app is not using a deprecated listener e.g. Migrate atlassian-app-cloud-migration-osgi to discoverable listener | App migration platform then the customer should ensure your app is enabled and your migration module is enabled in the “Manage apps” page Managing apps | Administering Jira applications Data Center 9.15 | Atlassian Documentation

If they find your migration module disabled they can try disabling and enabling your app.

Let me know if you have questions,


Awesome, thanks for the help.
We’re already using the DiscoverableListener so we’ll direct the customer to enabling the migration module.