Entity Properties aren't cloned with an Issue. Is there a workaround?

We’re using Entity Properties on Issues, and they seem like a good fit for our needs. The problem is that they don’t clone when the Issue is cloned. Is there a different storage mechanism, or workaround, so that we could clone Entity Properties along with the Issue?

You could listen to the issue_created webhook and clone the properties yourself. The only problem is that the webhook doesn’t tell you if the issue was cloned or not. There is an open ticket for this: [ACJIRA-29] - Ecosystem Jira

Thanks. Hmm, it would be really nice if you could mark an Entity Property as cloneable. Do you think there will be cloning in the future?

Are there other ways we could store JSON that would clone, such as a custom field?

I agree it would be nice to have the ability to mark properties as cloneable. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have this on our roadmap. Feel free to create a feature request in the ACJIRA project.

When it comes to other means of having cloneable data… Custom field would work, yeah. If you have a Connect app, you could take a look at the issue field module that enables apps to create new (custom) issue fields.

Could it be rank higher on the roadmap maybe?

We are actually planning to allocate some time to finally work on many different small but potentially valuable feature requests like ACJIRA-29. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Information about cloned issue is already included in /issue-created webhook payload.

Unfortunately, when issue is cloned with subtasks, the cloned subtasks do not get that information. It feels like a bug. cc @kkercz