Entity properties - do you clean them up?

So we’ve got a couple of entity properties that we’re creating - obviously this requires read/write to the instance. We’re now adding in some features that will cause the number of entity properties to increase so we’d like to add in the capability to remove/clean up (and be a good Atlassian citizen).

As part of this doing this we realized we’ll have to add delete scope to our app (and since there is no “delete the entity properties created by the app” scope - we’ll end up with a lot more capability than we want…

So we end up with 2 choices:

  1. Add the delete scope and get more access than we need (we really don’t want it).
  2. Just blank out the user properties and mark them as “deleted”.

I’m curious what’s the impact of more entity properties that never goes away. Is it ok to go with #2 to avoid the extra access issue. What are others doing?



Hi Daniel, I usually dont bother removing Entity Properties, unless the user deletes them programmatically (there delete scope is needed for my apps anyway).

The only problem I see with left over entity properties is other apps that read all entity properties from an object, they could probably end up getting much more data than they want.