Epic Report customized

I’m using Jira Server 7.6.1, and I’d like to add some stuff to the Epic Report, not very complicated, it’s the same template with a few more things. According to this link:
the creation of a report involves some coding, we can do it ourselves, but instead of rewriting the whole report from scratch, can we download the Epic Report template, to add our modifications?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Nacho,

we want to do the same:

Hi, I’m looking to create a report of Epic Progress based upon the number of issues that have been completed within the Epic.
E.g. I have 20 epics, each Epic is linked to (via the “Epic Link” field) various stories and bugs.
I want a progress report (% Complete) based upon the number of issues complete.

Did you manage to do it? What was your solution?


Hello, were any of you able to complete this report?

You can find the source code at the following location in the source code: