Error 403: XSRF check failed when trying to create request using JIRA service desk REST API

Dear Experts,

We have a cloud based application, which is used by our customers. Customers report incident via JIRA Service Desk–> Customer portal. But for that customer has to open the customer portal separately. So we are trying to integrate our application with JIRA service desk using the REST APIs. So basically our application will read the information from JIRA Service desk as and when requested by our customers (i.e. access the Web page/s of our application). Our application uses Scala for the backend and Angular2 for frontend.

We are hitting JIRA Service Desk REST API: (/rest/servicedeskapi/request) for creating the incident.
We are currently running our application on localhost:4200 and while trying to create a request using the above API in Angular2 framework, we received an error 403: XSRF check failed.
We have already included ‘X-Atlassian-Token’:‘no-check’ in the headers.

For authentication purpose: We are using “/rest/auth/1/session” API to retrieve the token and using this token in our future requests. We retrieve the token via Scala (local host: 9000).

Please suggest what is wrong here or what can be done to resolve it?


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Hey, Did you get any fix. I am observing similar issue.