Error 429 too many request handling

Sometimes back-end of plugin can get 429 error for request like POST ‘…/rest/api/2/search’

I believe it is current server capacity and if I make queue for my requests I can receive same error due to another plugins activity at the same time.

Could anybody confirm it? Is it better way to parse header and redo request again after delay from header?

Thank you.


Hi Avelit,
we use async.js’ s

to ensure we dont fire too many concurrent requests.
We use it to limit the processes that read data from the server to 30 parrallel ones,
we haven’t been reported any 429 responses since then.

kind regards

Hi Jens
Thank you for you story, we had limited our query with 10 calls after got 429 errors and have no claims yet.

Theoretically Jira server could serve limited request at the time, so I believe 429 could be responded for any single request.
But on the other hand we could get endless loop for re-sending same request after 429.

So seems limiting is enough.

Thank you.