Error building pull request plug-in tutorial (can't find Spring packages)


I’m following this tutorial step by step:

But I get the following errors when I run atlas-run:

…[8,52] package org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation does not exist
…[9,38] package org.springframework.stereotype does not exist
…[13,2] cannot find symbol
symbol: class Component
…[18,6] cannot find symbol
symbol: class Autowired

I’m using ATLAS Version: 8.0.7

Any ideas?


Hi @alejandro,
It looks like the pom.xml generated by atlas-create-bitbucket-plugin doesn’t have all the required dependencies. Can you try adding the bellow dependency in the dependencies section of your pom.xml


Justin Thomas

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@jthomas Is there a ticket somewhere to fix this? 18 months later and this dependency is still missing.

The published code example ( doesn’t have this dependency explicitly, yet it works fine, so it seems like there’s something else going on.