Error: Insufficient permissions to install app

Doing my first Forge app. I already have an Atlassian development site and added myself as the admin for all products. But for some reason, I am getting the infamous “Error: Insufficient permissions to install app” error.

I have made myself the admin in jira-admins and granted product access to jira-software-users.

The error also appears in this Community post but I’ve given myself a day for any data sync to happen on the cloud. The error persists.

Any help is appreciated. Danke :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @KuherrnNagayaindran!
Here are two ideas on how you could solve this issue:

  • Have you tried following the instructions and installing the app from a generated link? Just so we can make sure that all the setup for this app is correct and focus on the issue of installing it from the CLI.
  • Is the user that you’re giving admin permissions in Jira the same that you have created a token with and logged-in in the Forge CLI? You could be incidentally using a different user and that would make your Forge CLI session not compatible with the user you have running as an admin in your Jira.