Error occurred while initialising parameters. Please refer to Jira logs for more details - Mail Queue Error

Hi folks,

i have write mail queue code to send mail for perticular user, but i got below exception while hitting button,

MutableIssue issue = issueManager.getIssueObject("SA-1");
		ApplicationUser user = ComponentAccessor.getUserUtil().getUser("saravanan");
		NotificationRecipient recipient = new NotificationRecipient(user);
		HashSet<NotificationRecipient> recipients = new HashSet<NotificationRecipient>();
		IssueEvent event = new IssueEvent(issue, context, loggedInUser, 30000L);
		IssueMailQueueItemFactory issueMailQueueItemFactory =  ComponentAccessor.getComponent(IssueMailQueueItemFactory.class);
		MailQueueItem item = issueMailQueueItemFactory.getIssueMailQueueItem(event, 99L, recipients, "");
		try {	
		} catch(Exception e) {

i am using jira 8.1.

Thank in advance,

Issue resolved, refer follow link for solution,