Error running batched script on Confluence Server 6.2.0

We are developing a confluence addon and when we insert our macro we get the next errors:

Error running batched script
batch.js?analytics-enabled=true&build-number=7111&confluence.table.resizable=true&confluence.view.e…:1 TypeError: Cannot set property 'autoBounds2' of undefined at batch.js?analytics-enabled=true&build-number=7111&confluence.table.resizable=true&confluence.view.e…:2622 at batch.js?analytics-enabled=true&build-number=7111&confluence.table.resizable=true&confluence.view.e…:2622

batch.js?analytics-enabled=true&build-number=7111&confluence.table.resizable=true&confluence.view.e…:1 TypeError: d.widget is not a function at batch.js?analytics-enabled=true&build-number=7111&confluence.table.resizable=true&confluence.view.e…:4870 at batch.js?analytics-enabled=true&build-number=7111&confluence.table.resizable=true&confluence.view.e…:4881

This errors cause the WATCH and SHARE buttons to stop working, so the popus do not show

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Having the same issue reported from marketplace users


Can you tell me a little more about what your macro is doing? And whether the macro was previously working and has stopped due to a change (AMPS version, Confluence version etc)?


In my case, the error was due to missing dependencies on the atlassian plugin XML side.

Also, there is an issue when you use a recent version of jQuery. Confluence is checking for “jQuery.browser.msie” but that property is no supported on the new versions of jQuery.