Error while reinstalling Atlassian Plugin SDK 8.0.16

Hello Everyone,

I am facing the following error while trying to install Atlassian Plugin SDK 8.0.16 :

It was working fine previously but then I reinstalled JDK because I thought I needed a different version. After that, when I tried to install Atlassian Plugin SDK 8.0.16 it shows this error. I have tried deleting the RebootCheckFile and PendingFileRenameOperations in the registry but that doesn’t work either. I have restarted my system multiple times.

Can someone please help me out with this?

Personally I recommend using Maven directly instead of Atlassians SDK.

  • Setup Atlassians Repos in your Maven settings.xml or your Maven repositry (i.e. Sonatype Nexus)
  • Add the necessary dependencies (the same as if you would be using the SDK)

Use the command like: mvn package confluence:install