Error while trying calling Jira API tutorial (Forge)

Hi, Im getting this error even though in my manifest has read:jira-work permission and have no idea how to debug it

Your app does not have scopes that are required to access this method ('read:jira-work')

If you have recently added the “read:jira-work” permission to your app, you will need to uninstall, redeploy your manifest file and re-install as followed:

  • “forge uninstall”
  • “forge deploy” //This deploys the updated manifest file including your new scopes
  • “forge install”

Alternatively, you can upgrade the application version instead of uninstalling.

If you are making changes to the app, using “forge tunnel” is enough to push changes, but adding/editing scopes in the manifest requires a new manifest to be deployed (meaning re-installing)