Error while vinculate asset type to a asset

I need to vinculate an asset type to an asset. The asset custom field has been created and a I need just the options that have this type to show in custom asset field. What is the originId that do I need to put in asset type and asset?

My actually asset type:


My actually asset:

{"origin":{"appKey":"icmdbaddon","originId":"100"},"label":{"value":"teste server para process"},"type":{"appKey":"icmdbaddon","originId":"icmdb_servers"},"fields":[{"fieldId":"iCMDB Id","value":"100"},{"fieldId":"Architecture","value":"amd64"},{"fieldId":"RAM","value":"0 bytes"},{"fieldId":"Serial No","value":""}]}

If I create an other custom asset field, the assets will show in both custom fields and it’s wrong.