Error with GET /rest/api/3/app/field/

We were using this rest api to get the configuration of certain field and it was using as expected, but last week it started to throwing errors: “OAuth 2.0 is not enabled for method: GET /rest/api/3/app/field/customfield_10043/context/configuration%3FprojectKeyOrId=10000&issueTypeId=10001”, but when using this rest api without project id and issueId it is working. So maybe something happen on your end?

Atlassian’s rest api’s error messages could be improved. Basically the error message is saying that it doesn’t know how to handle the url. Looking at the url - it looks like you’re url encoding the ? in the query string which would cause confusion.

But how else should I call parameter for this rest api without ?, and why & is not encoded too if ? is?

And I had no problems with this until last week.