Establish JIRA connection via C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

On JIRA v7.6.6, Atlassian.SDK v10.4.0, VS 2017. I’m new to the API, have read, seen examples that will not work. This is what I have tried:

using AJira = Atlassian.Jira;
AJira.ServiceLocator serviceLocator = new AJira.ServiceLocator();
AJira.JiraCredentials jiraCredentials = new AJira.JiraCredentials(“UserXX”, “PasswordXX”);
AJira.Jira jiraConn = new AJira.Jira(serviceLocator,jiraCredentials);

I think my URL is “”. This is what it shows when I use my desktop to log into JIRA. There doesn’t seem to be an exposed property on the serviceLocator object I created to set the URL. Maybe I’m suppose to set this somehow someway earlier? I set the URL string in place of serviceLocator & I get an error saying I can’t convert a string to a ServiceLocator.

Anyone have an idea or can point me to a complete example. Thanks!!