Evaluations/license data missing?

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while looking at the evaluations report today, I noticed that evaluation numbers for months June, July, and August this year are off (or at least are different than what they were in the past). We are seeing about 15-20% evaluations less for those months than what the marketplace was reporting a few weeks ago.

Can anyone confirm they are affected too? Is there any known incident related to this and are the evaluation numbers for September 2021 correct?

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Hi @sbrudzinski We checked the number of licenses for you. It does not look like data is missing. We verified the same through different sources Marketplace uses to populate the partner reports. It would help if you may share any license id that seems to be missing currently.

Thanks for checking @SomilSrivastava
Unfortunately, I don’t have any license ID data. We only summarize evaluation numbers in our external reporting. After inspecting it further, I see that there’s a difference for Cloud evaluations only. The numbers for Server/DC are the same as they used to be. Also to clarify, I’m using the evaluations report from the marketplace.


These reports were always like that (unreliable at tracking evaluations). At the start of the month all licenses are at Evaluation, but when the time passes some transfers to Commercial status. Past months shows only number of Evaluations that did not transfer to Commercial, while current months include all. However, when some time passes, current months will reduce in number, because some Evaluations will become Commercial licenses.

I am hoping I am making sense here.


Ah, thanks! I wasn’t aware it works like this… This explains the differences.