Event handling questions in Jira Data Center

Hi Everyone,

I found some documentation for clustered Confluence and Bitbucket stating that events are only propagated on the instance on which they occur. My questions:

  1. Does the same hold for Jira Data Center? Are events propagated only inside the node on which they were fired?
  2. Does Jira Data Center has any performance penalty compared to Jira Server in terms of event broadcasting/listening?

To add some context: I am broadcasting custom events via PluginEventManager.broadcast() on a local Jira Server instance, and using these events to trigger Automation rules. It is very performant - I can easily fire thousands of events at once without slowing down Jira. I am curious about the performance impacts of doing the same in Data Center but did not find official documentation on that topic.

Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks!


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@aagrawal2 Do you think you can help us get an answer for this?

Let me look into it