Example app "Create a GIPHY app using the UI kit" - missing "@forge/api"

Hi everyone,

as other Forge example apps I created also the GIPHY app.
All worked fine until I came to the part #7 (Deploy the updates).

The problem: The statement import api from “@forge/api”; didn’t work, because this the node module @forge/api was not available.

Have I overseen something?
I had a look into package.json. There it was also missing.
As workaround I added it to the dependencies inside package.json and startet npm install again.

Is there a better way to correct this?


P.S. The latest version of Forge CLI is installed.

Hey @FranzBinder,

It looks like that’s been missed on that page. I’ll get that corrected. Your solution to install it was correct. Another way you can install it is npm i @forge/api@latest and it will add it to the package.json for you.

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: