Examples / Show Case sophisticated Forge Apps

I have looked though some sample Forge apps https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/example-apps. I would say that these examples are slightly better than a basic ‘hello world’ example. We get to see some basic workings of the Forge framework.

I have heard that Atlassian Engineering and your various partners are using Forge to build their apps. Can you showcase (without code) some of these sophisticated apps. Many of us Forge developers would like to see what is possible, and what kind of rich UX experience can be created.

Having some real examples would be incredibly useful for building momentum with Forge. A ‘Made with Forge’ filter on your marketplace would be very nice. Right now, it seems that every Marketplace app is built with Connect.


:+1: We’ve asked folks working on apps internally to share any they can.

I don’t know how up to date this is, but https://akeles.jira.com/wiki/spaces/FORGE/overview has a good list of apps out there that are built on Forge. (Disclaimer: This is not an Atlassian-owned thing, someone shared it on here (I think?) a few months ago)

The Atlassians that I’m aware of that are doing some really interesting stuff are all on Compass (not to say there aren’t others! I just don’t know them). Compass doesn’t yet support the Atlassian Marketplace, so I can’t link to their listings. But if you grab a Compass instance, you can get to them via: https://{site}.atlassian.net/compass/apps


Thanks for some details. Isn’t it true that on the Marketplace today, there are various apps build by partners and these apps are built using Forge or Connect?

If so, why can’t this information be surfaced in the search results and filterable. As a customer of JIRA, I know that because Atlassian is pulling the plugin on Connect, we need to chat with the vendor of these Connect apps to understand their plans for migrating to Forge.

Check this auto-updating list: https://forge.report/

It’s pretty cool!