Exchange Shared Secret between Confluence Server and the Atlassian Connect Add-on

Dear Community,

we have an Atlassian Connect Add-on and would like to establish connectivity to it from the Confluence Server deployments. We would like to use JWT authorization between Confluence Server and our Add-on (the same JWT which is used for Confluence Cloud - Add-on authorization).

Is there any existing functionality which we can use to implement/simulate Add-on installation process between Confluence server and Add-on so that SharedSecret is exchanged between them?


Unfortunately, there isn’t existing functionality from Atlassian that will do this. You’d need to build out a Plugins 2 app for Server separately from your Atlassian Connect app.

Many vendors build their P2 app so that it’s just a proxy to the Cloud app and try to reuse as much of their code as possible.

Here is some content that might be helpful in thinking about this:

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Hello @rwhitbeck,

thanks for your comment. Yes, it will be needed to implement Plugin 2 app which will proxy the requests to the Connect Add-on. Just was wondering whether there is any existing functionality we can take advantage of when implementing the ‘shared secret exchange’ handshake I’ve mentioned above.


Hi Nikolai. We’re facing the same issue. Did you manage to find any way to automatically setup the JWT authentication from the p2 plugin, so you can make a request to the connect app? Thanks, Tom