Expecting claim 'qsh' to have value in Dynamic Content Macro




I’m trying to get accountId of the current user in my Dynamic Content Macro, but always get response:
401 - Expecting claim 'qsh' to have value '...' but instead it has the value '...'

Here is my code:

  app.get("/team-member", addon.authenticate(), async function(req, res) {
    let userKey = req.query["user_key"];
    const httpClient = addon.httpClient(req);
    let reqUrl = `${baseUrl}/wiki/rest/api/user/?key=${userKey}`;
    httpClient.get(reqUrl, function(err, response, contents) {
      if (err || (response.statusCode < 200 || response.statusCode > 299)) {
      } else {

I also tried to use an endpoint /wiki/rest/api/user/current but the result is same.

Other REST API endpoints work fine (or at least ‘content’ does).

Scope READ is set in ‘atlassian-connect.json’.

Any experience with this issue, please?

Thanks for your time and reply,