Experimental Rest API returns forbidden


I am developing a plugin using node.js and ACE and when i make a request to:
DELETE /rest/api/2/field/{fieldKey}/option/{optionId}/issue
i get forbidden, the plugin has all the scopes. If i make the request to;
DELETE /rest/api/2/field/{fieldKey}/option/{optionId}
everything works fine but i would like to remove the option and bulk change the issues to some other option.
Note: the rest api i am trying to use is marked as experimental.

Thanks for the help.
André Rodrigues

REST API endpoints are whitelisted for Atlassian Connect. That means some documented endpoints, that work for Basic or OAuth, aren’t available for Connect add-ons. In my experience, “experimental” aren’t whitelisted. The definitive lists of whitelisted endpoints are documented here:

Specifically, /rest/api/{version}/field/.* shows None for all HTTP methods.

Thank you for your help. I have managed to use the rest api method using Basic auth.