Export to PDF macro timeout

Trying to export a confluence page that has my addon rendered on it (the macro renders fine on the confluence page itself) , I get a

There were errors rendering macro:

on the pdf page, where the macro should be.

What is the time limit when rendering to PDF ? Can that be configured ? Do I have some restrictions when redering to PDF that I’m not aware of ? :slight_smile:


I don’t know the answers to your questions about configuring timeouts but am curious as to what is in the rendering of your add-on? Is it complex or just simple text?

It’s basically an image, but in order to stream that image I make some extra calls (so that I can determine the correct one).
the template is something like:

<img src="{{imageUrl}}" width="300"/>

if imageUrl is some radom static image (e.g. http://i.stack.imgur.com/WCveg.jpg) it renders fine in view and PDF.
if, instead, imageUrl is my endpoint that does some checks and steams the image it will render ok on view page but it will error as described when exported to PDF.
And the only difference that I could think of was the time it took to provide that image… but maybe there’s something else as well :slight_smile: