Exporting to .csv returns unintended formatting from JSON

When I export from within JIRA to excel/csv everything looks fine, but when I use python and JSON I get the below for the description field.

{‘version’: 1, ‘type’: ‘doc’, ‘content’: [{‘content’: [{‘text’: ‘PLATFORM: MySQL’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘USER: access.test’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘ENDPOINT: test-aurora-edt-c1-0.cpdk4xuooxvm.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘DATABASE: access_automation’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘SCHEMA: access_automation’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘ACCESS: RO’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘BUCKET NAME:’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘REQUEST ID: auto generate’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘REQUEST DATE: 03/27/2019’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘REQUESTOR: janet delage’, ‘type’: ‘text’}, {‘type’: ‘hardBreak’}, {‘text’: ‘REQUEST TICKET: OPS-4700: Access Automation - TEST TICKET TO DO’, ‘type’: ‘text’}], ‘type’: ‘paragraph’}]}"

Can someone please shed some light on what I am doing wrong.