Extend a bundled plugin?


This is my first time I’m working on an Atlassian plugin.
I was wondering if there is a way to extend a bundled plugin?
I’m trying to duplicate the bundled Jira Issues Macro plugin to add my own features.

First thing I tried was to add the package as a dependency and extend the JiraIssuesMacro class but was met with a slew of errors including ClassNotFoundException, BundleException

So currently what I’m doing is;

  • unpack the jar
  • decompile the files
  • build the new class from bottom up using decompiled code from the package

This is a very slow process and I was wondering if there is a better/correct way.

Thank you for reading.

Unpackaging the jar and decompiling the class might break the license agreement with atlassian.

If you have a valid license agreement you would have access to the source so you can see what atlassian is doing and which class you want to extend. Once you have that info you can do an osgi import from a brand new plugin (You would extend and add functionality instead of replacing). At that point you’d be following normal atlassian sdk workflows

Thanks for the reply.
We have the commerical license and access to the source code.
It’s just that the Atlassian Support couldn’t provide us with the source code for this particular plugin.
Guess we’ll have to circle back.