Extending CloneIssueDetails - how to get cloned issue key


I’m trying to extend the clone issue action which is basically working fine by extending the CloneIssueDetails action.

After the clone issue has been created, I need the issue key of the clone to perform some further actions on it.
The problem is that the doProgress method (where I could maybe get the issue key) is not invoked by the framework (other overriden methods like doExecute, displayCopyLinks,…) can be overriden and are invoked.

During the doExecute I cannot the cloned issue id. One approach was to get it from the Task that is invoked in the issueService, but the CLoneIssueDetails does not allow to get the task id so getting the task by querying the taskmanager will not work reliable

I have also tried to listen to the CREATE_ISSUE event, but at this time the remote issue links were not created - unfortunately I need them.

Question: How can I extend the CloneIssueDetails action to get the cloned issue key and the cloned remoteissue links in order to modify them?

I have been trying since days without any real success so any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Julian.
I’ve this problem too.
Did you find a suitable solution to it ?
The new CloneIssueDetail clones the issue through an asynchronous task and, as you say, there is no immediate reference to the new cloned issue.
Thank you.