Extending functionality of kanban search bar


Complete beginner here. I’m curious if it’s possible to use Forge to extend functionality of the Jira kanban search bar.

Right now, the search bar only filters kanban cards by text in the summary. I’d like it to also search through other fields, such as Epic Link name, customer name, PO #, etc. Currently we add this info to the summary to make it searchable, which is redundant and makes the summary name unnecessarily long.

From first impression looking through documentation, it seems forge is only for making custom ui elements and functions rather than tapping into existing elements? Hopefully this isn’t the case.

Thank you,

Hello, @JoshuaTaylor :wave:

That’s not entirely true. You can do more with Forge than simply providing new UI elements. For example, define new custom fields. More of these advanced extension points are coming.

That said, it’s currently not possible to extend this basic search functionality, and we don’t have this kind of extensibility in any immediate plans. The closest that could come to it would be the extensions of JQL search, which is also not possible yet in Forge, but we are planning to add it eventually.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions :slight_smile: