Extending Monday Coffee to Partner & Developer Updates

Hey everyone, we got some big news about our weekly Monday Coffee streams! :newspaper:

Some of you know we run a weekly podcast reporting on notable Atlassian news and updates. We’ve been religiously doing these short video news reports for almost 100 episodes :star:. And we currently have a reach of nearly :fire: 900 views per week across a range of distribution platforms and formats.

Recently we ran a survey and got pretty good responses. In this survey, we asked folk in the community if we should expand our updates to cover partner news, and the response was predominantly affirmative!

So, I’m happy to announce that we will add a section in Monday Coffee for partner news and updates :fire::tada:. I created a JSM portal where you can request to be mentioned in the stream with App launches, Notable App Releases, Events Organized, or any other Updates :point_right: Jira Service Management

If you’re interested in being featured in Monday Coffee, raise your requests latest every Thursday with the above link to potentially be featured the following Monday.

Nikki and I are excited to open up these weekly updates to the wider community and look forward to bringing you some more eyes on the epic stuff you do :heart:. And if you’re confused about all this and got no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to check out our latest podcast :pray: Atlassian News with Jexo - Trellothon, App Data Residency | 28th Nov 2022 - YouTube