Extending the JSM portal with a custom issue field: is this how?

I’d like to add an existing custom issue field that is assigned to the issue screen for our JSM project. The field is currently shown when the agent views the issue internally but we want the issue to be displayed in the portal request so that the customer can see it.

From what I can gather from the extremely confusing documentation, to achieve this I’d have to develop a Connect App, using for example the Atlassian Connect for Spring Boot, edit the atlassian-connect.json and add an entry to serviceDeskPortalRequestViewPanels (https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/service-desk/customer-portal/#request-view-panel). In turn that entry’s url must map to a controller that retrieves the custom field value for the current request using the REST API and then renders the value.

Is this right? It’s extremely convoluted for something so simple but it’s the only way I can find.

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