Facing error "Cannot use import statement outside a module" while using the other js file in .hbs file

I am creating the connect app using the ACE framework.
I was trying to import the external library Sequalize for using the storage in the app.
Here is the code:

    import { Sequelize, DataTypes } from "sequelize";
    const sequelize = new Sequelize("sqlite::memory:");
    const User = sequelize.define("User", {
      username: DataTypes.STRING,
      key: DataTypes.DATE,

    await User.create({
      username: "newEntry",
      birthday: Date.now(),

    const users = await User.findAll();

While adding the path to the file in script tag of hello-world.hbs it throws the error as

Even when i tried to use the type module in script tag, it show the below error.

Can anyone help me in resolving this issue and help me understand how can I import the external library in the .js file?