Facing issues while authenticating via OAuth 2.0 app

Hi Atlassian team,

I have an OAuth 2.0 app to connect to integrate with Jira Cloud platform. The integration was working fine. But now, I’m getting a 500 Internal server error when trying to fetch access token from the API https://auth.atlassian.com/oauth/token.

Let me know if you need more details to diagnose the problem.



It doesn’t seem to be a generalized failure of OAuth. And, yes, we certainly need more details to diagnose the problem. For example, what steps of the OAuth flow are working for you? What are all the details of the HTTP request you are trying to make?

Even then, if the problem is really isolated to your, we may not be able to solve this problem in the community. For problems like this that require someone who can access back-end logs, I recommend opening a developer support ticket.

Thank you @ibuchanan . I’ve raised a developer ticket with more details and also shared it with you.