Failed to post space property with 404

Hi, community,

Our app fails to create space property on some sites with a 404 error when calling the API by the app privilege.

The space exists. (The app calls get space API before the request. And it works.) And, I think space permission is set correctly.

I can’t find why it happens because the condition doesn’t match the ones in the document.

Some customers reported the problem, while others can work.
Retrying the same requests after a while doesn’t work.

Please help!


"method": "post",
"url": "/rest/api/space/KEY/property",
"body": {
  "key": "",
  "value": "true",


"status": 404,
"data": {
  "statusCode": 404,
  "data": {
    "authorized": true,
    "valid": false,
    "errors": [
        "message": {
          "key": "",
          "args": [
    "successful": false
  "message": "com.atlassian.confluence.api.service.exceptions.NotFoundException: Cannot create new space property: JsonSpaceProperty{id='null', key='', space=ExpandedReference{idProperties={key=KEY}, of=some(Space{key='KEY', name='null'})}, version=null}"

Space Permission

We’re encountering the same issue.

Atlassian, any info on this?

Hi @ademoss ,

Can you please raise a ticket at Jira Service Management for us to check?

If possible, please provide a few examples with timestamps as well.

We would also like to know if this started recently or if it’s been an issue since time, if you know of course.



Ticket is DEVHELP-14381
It contains details about a Confluence instance, and timing where/when we saw this.