Farewell ecosystem!

Hi Ecosystem Community,

I want to let you all know that I’ll be moving off of Ecosystem in the next few weeks to join another team at Atlassian as part of an internal rotation. It’s been so much fun working with the Atlassian ecosystem for the last 3 years and I wanted to thank you all for your contributions and support during this time. We’ve accomplished a lot, from new partner webinars, new co-marketing campaigns, and growing the team with TPMs for additional support. There is always more to be done but we’ve come a long ways in a short time. I’m extremely excited to tackle a new challenge at Atlassian and will miss having regular interactions with our ecosystem of Marketplace partners. Stay in touch!

Hope you are all enjoying a safe start to 2021!




Congratulations! Who will be taking up your responsibilities?

Hi @boris,

We are currently looking to hire a replacement. Here is the job description in case anyone here has a referral.


It’s sad to see you go (even internally) @espencer. Still our team whish you all the best with your new challenges!

All the best for your new position @espencer !!

All the best in your new role @espencer

All the best @espencer!

It’s been fun interacting with you, @espencer! Best of luck in your new role, and hopefully 2021 is a great one for you.

L’équipe Elements et moi-même te souhaitons le meilleur dans ton nouveau rôle @espencer !
It’s sad to see you go, but I’m happy for you that you get to tackle an new challenge at Atlassian.

All the best, @espencer! Sorry to see you go.

All the best, @espencer! I hope you enjoy your new challenge. And thank you for your support.

We’ll miss you, but best of luck in your new role/rotation!

Congratulations on your new role and we wish you the best of luck @espencer!

Thank you all! I’m super excited to get started with my new role but also finding it bittersweet to leave the ecosystem and working with all of you. Wishing you all the best!


Sorry to see you go, but excited for you @espencer! See you around, no doubt.

Congrats @espencer and best of luck in your new role from all of us at Spartez Software!

Congratulations @espencer! You’ll be greatly missed in the Ecosystem.

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