Feeling out of breath

…and it’s not the virus. Are you also feeling a bit swamped by the number of recent changes to the Jira Server/Cloud platforms? Here is a non-exhaustive list of recent changes that have required our attention:

  • New issue view
  • New Top Vendor performance requirements
  • New sandboxing of Connect app iFrames
  • Deprecation of Connect app payload fields
  • New CDN location for all.js
  • New support for site renaming
  • New Marketplace Vendor Program
  • Changes to auth.atlassian.io status codes
  • Usual roll-out of Jira Server versions
  • GDPR

Sometimes it feels like we don’t get enough stretches of platform constancy in which to deliver new features and improvements.


They also didn’t make it easy to locate breaking changes in the internal APIs. They’re all spread-out amongst many pages. A single page that is searchable would have been nicer. It’s easier to just test your add-ons against the new version and see what breaks than to spend days reading their many docs and still possibly miss something.

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Hi @david.pinn,
Thanks for posting this. I understand and am sympathetic to your view. I believe many of the recent changes were unavoidable to ensure our APIs and frameworks are secure and respect the privacy of our customers. Going forward, however, if there are changes that could be introduced in a less disruptive manner then please call them out.