Fetch issue metadata via REST without also fetching allowedValues?


For a given issue, I want to know all the fields (including metadata like requiredness, type, label).
But, some fields have a massive amount of allowedValues (e.g. Version fields often do), and if there are multiple ones, those options will be included in the editmeta response multiple times.

Is there a way to basically request “/issueKey/editMeta?skipAllowedValues” or to select what editMeta should return (e.g. “/issueKey/editMeta?fields=required,schema,name,key”)?

I understand that I can filter the issue fields itself returned (by “/issueKey?fields=…,expand=editmeta”), but that will exclude other fields altogether, while I just want allowedValues to be skipped to not pull an excessive amount of data.

Thanks for any input,

Hey @ThomasEhrnhoefer

Apologies for delay in response. I have reached out to product team with your question. You will hear back from them soon.

Hey @ThomasEhrnhoefer

I think we sadly don’t support the exact operation you’ve described. As far as I know, there’s currently no way to fetch field metadata without allowedValues field using existing APIs.

Hi Maciej,

That’s what I feared given the API docs, but wanted to make sure.

Thanks for confirming though,