Fetching a user information for the user Id gives 404 error


We started getting 404 error when fetching a user information for the given userId. This was working 2 days back on Wednesday May 23rd 2018.

Below is my API call to get user

Here is the link to my integration, could you please help ? https://ita-chatops-dev.everbridge.net/chatinteg/stride/descriptor


@urvish.saraiy, we’re looking on the issue. We get back when we have done investigation.


Looks like this issue is for the message of type “mention”.


Sorry for the late response. We saw the user is not a member of the requested site, as such the 404 is returned. The reason that you’re trying to get an information about system user. I recommend doing the following: when you do parsing of the “mention” node of the ADF document, please check userType attribute and ignore an app user. The app user is the user when “mention” has: “userType”:“APP”.


I think I responded to your comment made here.

The issue is with this particular user that was added recently to inform conversations when an app is installed. If you see this ID the easiest thing to do is to ignore it for now and not perform a user lookup.