Fetching bulk issues using Ap.request

We are using AP.request to fetch issues from Jira and display in our connect add-on. On each request maximum of 100 issues can be fetched using start, end as below.
But, our client has more than 22,000 issues. So, due to processing of multiple request the add-on gets crashed. Is there any option to get bulk issues at once or how can we solve this?

I don’t think there is a way to do it, but maybe someone from Atlassian team can confirm or deny.

Overall, if you need to display any information that is calculated for so many issues, then you should consider listening to /issue-created and /issue-updated webhooks on the server side, process the information on the server side and “only” display the result on the client side.

You cannot expect the browser to retrieve and process 22k issues smoothly.

I hope it helps.


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Hi Jack,

Thank you for your quick response. The information was useful. Is there any reference docs about what you have mentioned to perform on sever side(listening to /issue-created and /issue-updated webhooks)?

Hari Prasath P

Hi @hariprasath,

Just to clarify, I meant processing and storing/caching the data on the server side database. Which means that in case of a client request (someone opening your page in Jira) you can quickly serve the data stored in your database without getting the issue and processing them again.

Here is the webhook module that you could use: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/modules/webhook/


Apart from listening to great advice from @jack, who is totally right that such volume of issues should not be processed on the client side, you might consider using the Jira expressions REST API, which allows to preload up to 1000 issues (as opposed to 100 in the regular JQL API) into the expression context for further processing (e.g. aggregation) on the Jira side. You can read more about this here: Data aggregation in Jira expressions.

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To @hariprasath point. What if I’m building an addon which facilitates the display of a paginated table of results and offers the option to export. I’ve figured out the exportation, it’s currently limited to 100 results but for the life of me, I can’t successfully fetch more than 100 results for the export.

Has anyone ever been able to achieve this using the AP.Request method in JS?