Fetching content properties via REST API fails when page is archived

We noticed that trying to expand metadata.properties in a /rest/api/content/ call will fail when run on an archived page. This only seems to happen when expanding metadata.properties but not when expanding other properties.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Confluence page with arbitrary content on Cloud
  2. Archive the page via the page tool menu
  3. Do a GET request on /rest/api/content/<PAGE ID>?expand=metadata.properties

Expected result:
JSON representation of content object with expanded properties

Actual result:
{"statusCode":500,"message":"org.springframework.transaction.UnexpectedRollbackException: Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only"}

For us this breaks exporting with our Scroll Exporter apps on archived pages as well as on pages that have archived children (since we are also using /rest/api/content//children/page which has the same problem).


Thanks @thomas2 for reporting this. I’ll try to reproduce this and get it front of the team for attention.

Hey @rwhitbeck and @thomas2, I’ve created CONFCLOUD-69920 .

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