Fields cannot be shared between issue types/projects in next gens


As of the introduction of the new next-gen projects a considerable change has taken place for customfields.

In the old system, when using Screen Schemes, you were able to add the same field to many projects and schemes. It allows us to be certain that we can treat this information for all projects and issues as coming from a similar source. This for example, is very useful when presenting data in tables so that we can display same-type data in a single column for all tasks - regardless of where they come from.

Unfortunately, in the next-gen projects this is no longer the case. When defining fields you have to define them per issue type and you cannot reuse them between projects or even within the same project. This makes it very cumbersome to compile data from different sources (projects) into a concise and clear structure.

Are there any plans on allowing cross-issue type within project fields in next-gens?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Bartek from SoftwarePlant


This sounds like a serious issue. Especially when comes to sharing fields across different issue types in the same project.