Figma Atlassian Design System Files - Questions

I’m happy to be ready to prepare Figma libraries to start using the new components. Therefore, I have some doubts and I hope you will be able to help us :slight_smile:
(If there is another appropriate way to ask questions about system design, please let me know)

1. File structure
We downloaded the files: ADS Components, ADS Tokens, ADS Foundations. In each of these files I have enabled sharing of styles/components (libraries)
After navigating to our application mockups FIgma file, I added the previously mentioned libraries. When I add, for example, the “Button” component in this file, I see that it does not have a text style applied to it.
Should I worry about this? I see that in ADS Components the components have styles named at the beginning INTERNAL What is this styling for?

2. Problem with updating libraries - Unable to publish 2 changes to the Team Library
When trying to share a library, there is a problem with sharing styles (Cover/Title, Cover/Subtitle) for the files: ADS Foundations, ADS Tokens. What could be causing the error? Should we be worried about it?

3. The effort required to manually update the system design
Out of curiosity, I would like to ask how you deal with introducing updates to system design files/tokens. I know that Figma does not allow automatic updates to be added to files downloaded from the community.
How difficult can it be to update the library based on the changelog you provide in the ADS Components file? Is it possible to sign up for a subscription to track added changes?

4. Double variable mode switcher
I’ve tried to update our internal app components (containing ADS components, for example footer with ADS buttons) and show them with native ADS (for example Jira header) components on the one frame. Variable mode switcher works great, but I’m not sure why I have two switchers instead of one. Do you know what could be the cause?