Filing a ticket on behalf of a user

It would be useful if there some mechanism to assist users with filing a ticket. Maybe something like all the values to fields in URL parameters. The user just has to log in, go to the URL and all the fields are filled out for them, they just click submit. We have around 5 tickets a week where users try to install and keep getting the “oops, something went wrong” and it never installs.

Just to be clear, we have no webhooks or authenication, so only Atlassian can fix the issue. Also, in such cases they cannot install any apps, not just ours. We just directed a user to Atlassian support and the answer was:

I think this is the wrong way around….
We want to purchase your product so you should repair it. If you need Atlassian for that, YOU should raise a ticket with them

You can see his point, but the effort of us raising the ticket via ecosystem isn’t worth it, if they don’t want to file a ticket then the user just never installs any apps.