Find all pages containing macro - results missing - possible defect

I’ve found two methods of listing all pages containing a particular macro:

  1. CQL Search for macro = macroname
  2. Confluence administration > Macros usage

Both methods return the same results.
And both methods are missing pages which I know contain this macro.

Is this a known defect? Are there any workarounds?
Is there another method of identifying all pages using particular macros that returns all results?

To be more specific, I am searching my site for use of the sql or sql-query macros.
Many pages which contain sql-query macros within the body of a run or run-now macro.

Thanks in advance.
We’re in the process of updating a data source, so I need to find all pages that might be querying it.

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I wonder how Atlassian implements the “Macro Usage” tool. Maybe you could dig into that? It’s available in the Confluence administration tools for both Server and Cloud.

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