Find by customfield(text), but the value start with zero('s) in Symfony NativeHttpClient

Hi, I need to find out if the company is already stored in Jira. But the company identification number starts with zero. For example 00123. Any change is not posible because its national company identification number.

I tried transform value to string.


$value = "012345678";
$response = $jiraClient->request('GET', 'search/', [
            'query' => [
                'jql' => 'issuetype = Zákazník AND project = BS AND IČO ~ '.$value,

and answer is

^ array:4 [
  "startAt" => 0
  "maxResults" => 50
  "total" => 0
  "issues" => []

But the company with the same value is allready in jira and in the project BS.

thanks for every answer.

the html_encode gave before $value this: %20.
together it looked like this:


And that was the problem.
Then i looked into jira and wrote the same jql string and export to xml.
There was this:


I translated %22 here:

and I wrote this
‘jql’ => ‘issuetype = Zákazník AND project = BS AND IČO ~"’.$value.’"’,

its all