Fixed bug - highlight images quality

We recently fixed an issue affecting Marketplace listings that was causing us to display low-resolution images on some monitors where a high-resolution image was more appropriate.

Before fix:

After fix:

You can read more background on the bug (and how we fixed it) here:

Thanks to @boris, @adam, @edave, @peter.toudjarski and others who have advocated for addressing issues related to image resolution - and to @parora who got it fixed!


That’s great, thanks all! :smile:

Can anyone else view the ecosystem ticket?

This is great. Thank you for the fix.

Thanks! Do we need to re-upload the images?

Good question. @dparrish?

Hey @dmitry, no need to re-upload - we’ve always kept the high-res version of your images; we just weren’t using the correct logic when deciding whether to show it.

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