For performance test for hosting app on marketplace

can we run the performance test on Azure VM. The current documentation shared is using AWS VM and AWS centric configuration.

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The current DCAPT (data center apps performance toolkit) uses Terraform scripts written for AWS and they are very convenient: they automatically build the cluster and load it with a significant amount of data (e.g., 4-node Jira cluster with 1M issues, 2M attachments, and 6M comments).

If you know a good way to spin something up like that in Azure, then I don’t see how Atlassian could have a problem with that.

I recently completed DCAPT testing for a Jira app, and my total AWS bill was less than $100 USD from start to finish. I thought the DCAPT Terraform scripts were fantastic.

Since I was able to pull off DC certification in less than $100 USD in total cloud spend, I don’t see why anyone would bother with any other approach. The Atlassian supplied AWS/Terraform approach is just too easy & convenient to bother with any other way!

(Back when it was all done using Cloud Formation instead of Terraform it was much slower and expensive and took me weeks. The current approach with Terraform is so much better!)

To answer your question: The DC certification can be completed any way you like - technically you don’t even need to use the Atlassian supplied JMeter and Selenium load tests. But the farther you deviate from the recommended approach, the harder and more expensive it will likely be.

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